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                          RESEARCH AND DEVELOPMENT OF HIGH-TEMPERATURE MATRICES                                        FOR HEAT-RESISTANT POROUS MATERIAL 


Batrashov Viktor Mikhaylovich, Postgraduate student, Penza State University,
Pak Chir Gen, Candidate of engineering sciences, associate professor, sub-department of welding, foundry production and materials science, Penza State University, 

Index UDK

620.22; 666.3-135 


The authors obtained a high-temperature matrix for heat resisting porous materials on the basis of aluminium-bor-phosphate binder and the POS-15 aluminum powder, differing by more adjustable structurization in comparison with similar materials based on aluminum PAP-1 powder. The articles studies main indicators of interaction of initial components and the physical and chemical processes taking place in a material during its maturing and heating.

Key words

matrix, phosphatic composition, aluminium-bor-phosphate binder, aluminum powder, heat resisting material. 

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